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Life Skills Program

  • It is used in combination with all other tutoring services at no extra cost
  • Program proposes an integrative approach, focuses on the interrelation of disciplines (e.g. combining Art with English, Math, Social studies activities)

Program aims to:

  • Prepare students not only for immediate learning outcome improvement but also for future academic success
  • Ignite imagination and cultivate love of learning
  • Develop critical thinking skills through literacy and other relevant activities to improve analysis/evaluation of information
  • Acquire problem-solving skills through developing a broader frame of mind (e.g., take into consideration different perspectives and/or solutions to a problem and select the most appropriate)
  • Develop cross-cultural awareness by exposure to texts and visual art from cultures around the world, field trips, and cultural events to learn to accept & appreciate social complexity/diversity
  • Develop self-knowledge awareness through text-to-self connection activities to increase understanding of own beliefs, values, attitudes, experiences and feelings and how they shape own concept of self-worth and approach to learning