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Improve vocabulary and reading comprehension by offering:

  • Extra material review/clarification per grade/per subject by the Ministry of Education requirements if needed to improve knowledge acquisition
  • Homework support according to the material currently taught in school to improve knowledge application
  • Exposure to a variety of texts to reinforce current material taught in school

Develop reading skills by offering:

  • Preview, predict, paraphrase; learn to reflect on ideas extensive practice to develop active engagement with text;
  • Extrareading skill development:
  • Phonemic awareness (awareness of the individual parts of speech);
  • Orthography (elements of the written language);
  • Fluency (speed, accuracy, and vocal expression);
  • Text comprehension to improve word recognition and decoding

Develop writing skills (e.g., express thoughts logically and effectively through writing, such as, paragraph
organization, flow, grammar & punctuation) to improve sentence structure, clarity, originality

Develop Essay writing skills (e.g., all essay types, research papers, quotation & reference styles) to improve
ability to write for a variety of purposes